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February 26, 2007

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February 26, 2007

zach.JPGi am starting a army cppp club penguin police protol it is about to keep club penguin safe by reporting penguin that don’t do stuff right. and you have to be a agent if yer not you know about one of my post the uniforms are above the metal back ground and any pin how to become one it is easy pass this teat there are 3 questions how to answer leve a comment with the answes you chose and yer email with it and her they are

  questions 1

what are you doing this for

1. to band penguin

2. 2 help penguin

3.for nothing

  question 2

what the best part about this job

1. you get to be buddy with me

2. to help penguins get to hang out at my place

      question 3

do you have the items up above that you need to ware

pizza game here

February 26, 2007


clock tower here.

February 26, 2007


IF you penguin banned

February 26, 2007

if your penguin was banned and can’t  become a tour guid or a a agent i will get you to be one just email at and geve me ur


i swear i do not hack i mean what there to do it not like you can steal there clothes or funiture all you are doing is banned them for a day i swear i don’t hack

Protected: the answers

February 26, 2007

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how to win!!!!!!!

February 26, 2007

you have to answer the questions right to answer the questions leave a comment with all the questions on it then on march 2 i will see who has all the questions right and you win but you have to leve your email so IF you win i can tell you  ok and for any questions email me at  THERE WILL BE 10 QUESTIONS on some you get to pick you answers


1. who is my 3 third bestfriend on club penguin

choice 1. commercials

choice 2.  chewit Dude

choice 3.  Eagle jr

      question 2

how meny big screens do i have

1. 26



  question 3

who is the most popular on club penguin

1. icey fresh 2

2. car23 trey10

3. Mr emerica

       question 4

dose car23 trey10 have a site

if yes what is it called

 question 5

dose snoop 5 have a site

           question 6

   who is the richest on club penguin tahts not banned yet

1. pink muffie

2. commercials

3. zachary 21

    question 7

 is it possible to tip the ice burg

1. no

2. yes

3. maybe

        question 8

on mamoth server were is the best place to be

1. pizza place

2. dock

3. the mind

          questions 9

    hos the moderator  that is not banned yet


2. happy77

3. rsnail

           question 10

            how many tv do i have

1. 33

2. 77


        leava comment with the answers at the bottom and i hope one of you will win


February 26, 2007

THEY WILL WIN 5,000 COINS buddy with me, and the grand prize only if a member wins they gets this a totaly new igloo make over but the grand prize for the non membre wins he/she gets this all the clores and back grounds and one background that no body usally has!!!!!!!!!!!

penguins wating for the new game!

February 26, 2007


bottle could it come today?????

February 26, 2007